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Cloud-Powered Automobile Industry

Cloud Computing lets companies access resources from the internet through web based tools and applications without a direct connection to a server. Using cloud computing, we can save our data data on a remote database and thus, avoid the need to have a hard drive or a local storage device. As long as we have an internet connection, we can have access to the data and the software programs required to run it.

Cloud computing has found many applications across sectors but one of the major industries that has recently started utilising the technology is the automobile industry. Automobile companies are increasingly using cloud computing, along with big data technology, to improve the driving experience. The increased network speeds and the expanding data needs has already brought cloud computing to its prime.

Now, let us have a look at how leveraging this technology can help the automobile companies

  • Location based services: You will no longer have to use the GPS on your phone because the route and directions will be shown by your car itself. Your car will not only tell you that the fuel is low but will also tell you the nearest petrol pump and the shortest route to it.
  • Improved safety for drivers: With the real-time data about the number of vehicles on the read and the obstacles ahead, the cars would be able to warn their owners about any possible dangers ahead. Cars will even be able to stop themselves when they sense that any object has reached too close.
  • Driving Sales: By storing and analyzing the data that gets collected continuously while a passenger drives the vehicle can tell a lot about the customer’s preferences and driving habits. This will help the company provide a better experience to its customers by customizing the vehicles and thereby, driving sales.
  • Cost-saving: The automobile companies will no longer have to buy and maintain servers which will reduce a lot of costs for them. With this obvious savings, will come some intangible savings too like the saving in electricity costs and labor reduction.
  • Reduced labor: A lot of work that goes into maintaining their servers, storage systems and other infrastructure will get reduced by using cloud services. Even the employees don’t have to stay updated with increasing complexity of servers. The employees can instead focus on more productive things in the saved time.
  • Reduced Risk: With the transfer of the hosting need to the cloud service providers, the companies can reduce their risk because the hosting companies will have specialists who will work round the clock to keep the data secure. Data is also continuously backed up to reduce the risk of data loss. This also provides an extra protection in case some natural calamity strikes because the data is securely stored on the internet at all times.

Going Green actually makes good business sense. There are several tangible and intangible benefits of moving towards green manufacturing. Manufacturers who are making an effort in this direction can see a positive impact on their bottom line. Some of the benefits of green manufacturing are :

“These objectives go a long way in sustainable manufacturing and making sure that the impacts on the environment are minimum. Today, many companies have started adopting green manufacturing with the government starting to providing incentives and tax benefits to companies for green initiatives.”

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