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3D Printing and Technology Automobile

Fixing a spot for 3D printing in the industry

At Fracktal works we have a very simple philosophy, our technology should at the end of the day make lives easier through effective innovation. With one half of the industry marching towards efficient automation and the other half banking on human intuition, we find ourselves uniquely placed in the middle where we can use our products as an aide to the human effort instead of a replacement.

Thus the challenge we picked up most recently was to incorporate the unique benefits of 3D printing into the world of welding. As we are heavily involved in the manufacturing process of our machines from start to finish, we came head to head with some major inconveniences that are faced when trying to weld two parts together at unique angles. Sure, there are metal fixtures; but they are restrictive clamps which cover just a few standard angles. Due to their high price tag you can’t get a metal fixture for every unique angle you need to work with. So till now people have improvised with the only tools available to them, their hands. Holding the parts still at an angle during the entire process is not only inefficient, but also dangerous.

To rid the industry of blistered fingers and shaky welds we thought, why not 3D print fixtures according to your needs? We could create a complete set of fixtures for any required operation within a day and the cost would be almost negligible when compared to the price of a metal fixture. The only bit of skepticism that remained was how do we incorporate plastic in a high temperature environment which was monopolized by metal till this day. The key was to use the right kind of plastic in the right way. So our design team took ABS(a strong heat resistant material) and started making designs capable of holding the material that needs to be welded at a safe enough distance. So we custom built fixtures for our testing material that slid right in without the aid of screws and bolts. Our very first attempt turned out to be a success, as after welding from a paltry distance of 15 cm, the plastic fixture remained completely cool and undamaged. This is when we knew that 3D printed parts have the capability of revolutionizing the welding industry through a small but highly useful change.

We can custom print fixtures at any angle and size to fit the very unique requirements of a multitude of people, we can customise an industry which was till now restricted withing molds, we can give people the power to innovate without thinking twice about technicalities. For if we make your lives easier with effective innovations like these, we can proudly declare ourselves to be successful.

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