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Greetings Martians,

We’re writing to you from the Mars HQ of Fracktal located near Isidis Basin. Here are some updates from the HQ:

Source: Autodesk
Source: Autodesk

President Rahul Modi has ordered a ban on all non biodegradable material and has requested all the companies on the home planet to switch to reusable materials instead or find other alternatives. Our home planet HQ has already made the switch and is planning on exporting the materials to our Mars base where we shall adjust our printers to be compatible with the Earth grade materials.

With our updated range of food 3D printers, we’re shifting from regular food to gourmet chef food. Our Gordon Ramsay edition features exclusive recipes and ingredients from the legendary chef himself and has been specifically designed to be dummy and ‘Panini head’ proof.

Source: My Modern Met
Source: My Modern Met

Our DNA replicator has been making waves across various healthcare facilities and has been able to fabricate 99.93% lifelike tissues and cells for people of all ages and gender, setting a new standard in the industry. This means less body rejections and near zero side effects. Chopped your little finger off while cooking? Broke a part of your toe accidentally? now print out a replacement in just under 10 minutes*

(*Terms and conditions apply. Larger body parts will take longer to print out and excessive time away from said body part might lead to death).

Due to popular customer demand, we also plan on introducing new colors in the space armours and now you can get your replacement parts printed on the go with our Julia Go 3D printer. Just connect the plug point to your Space jet and boom you’re ready to print.

As we draw an end to the year 2100, we take a look back at the incredible accomplishments we’ve made so far. After establishing it’s first base on Mars in the year 2050, ISRO came to Fracktal Works in order to purchase our new range of space compatible 3D printers. Our Ultimate range boasts of being able to print in multiple solid and space grade materials like Moondust component-Z and Jupiter Bar-X as well as being extremely easy to use. Now print whatever you want at the tap of your microchip.

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