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People are obsessed with designs that are larger than life, designs that are a rarity. This collective obsession and the desire to satisfy it has pushed the limits of creativity in the film industry and led filmmakers to create unique concepts for the viewers. Some of the most successful projects in film history were created with advanced effects, graphics and props. As the industry is all about creativity and innovation, the emergence of the innovative software has helped the filmmakers to stand out from the rest with visually appealing elements.

Just a few decades ago, with the help of the prototyping system and photopolymers, a solid printed prototype was built up in layers but the results weren’t perfect. In the recent years, 3D-printing has shown its potential in various sectors and is still unfolding. The innovation of 3D printing has taken the film industry to the whole new level by transforming the end product.

Now let’s understand the couple of ways 3D printing will change the way the movie industry works:

Brilliantly mimics the detail and textures

Using cutting-edge technology, the printed prototype comes with great detail and textures. It helps the producers, filmmakers and prop makers on different levels, saves time and money. On the other hand, it also assists the modeling team to develop a whole new universe, atmosphere and give life to it by designing, scanning and printing.


Prints props with excellent finish

Even though filmmakers mix objects and CGI to get the best results on the screen, 3D printing makes them better props in the Film Industry. It also gives them enough freedom to adjust the design to make the props look as realistic as possible.

Visually impressive custom-made costumes

Printing 3D made costumes for the movie is a new-age technology! 3D printing is indeed an asset for big budget movies and series. It designs costumes for different actors and actress that reflects the personality of the character.

Pushing the limits of stop-motion movie

3D printings can create impressive parts that are visually stunning and accurate. This cost-effective solution helps a whole new custom world with minimal to artistic elements.

Bringing dragons and dinosaurs to reality

Jurassic World and Game of Thrones are few of the high-end movies that have used 3D printing to create the prehistoric wonders and artifacts. Artists give the minute details and textures on the models to make them look stunning in the screen thus making them look as real as possible.

Therefore the future of the film world can be even more realistic using 3D printing as they are cost-effective, easy to use and adjust according to the design.


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