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3D Printing and Technology

IMTEX 2019 – The future for 3D printing is indeed exciting!

Interesting! Impactful! Impressive! And these were just some of the words we heard at IMTEX 2019!

We at Fracktal had an excellent run at the event, and cannot stop talking about it! Hundreds thronged our stall wanting to learn more, and see what 3D printing is all about.

We had an eclectic mix of visitors including professionals from manufacturing, product design, engineering, teachers, entrepreneurs, interior designers, gifts and artifacts people, students, architects and all other kinds of backgrounds. One thing in common was that they were all really fascinated with the possibilities of 3D printing.

We had our entire range of products on display including Volterra 400, our newly launched industrial 3D printer. This printer invoked a huge response and will probably be our ‘flagship product’ for a while. We also launched a metal 3D printer, heralding our partnership with Desktop Metal, the highest valued 3D printing company with a turnover of over 1 billion USD.

We learned that 3D printing is an emerging market, and there is a huge demand for both products and services. We believe individuals will soon begin to ‘Think in 3D’, and then output their creation considering that it is feasible to produce a ‘Print run’, however small the number.

In fact, the questions were just that. Can I create just 10 exclusive giveaways for my clients? Can I print just 50 artifacts for my close customers? Can I produce 100 customized gift articles so uniquely designed that recipients would want to retain for a long time? We were never tired of saying, ‘sure you can, and also do much more’!

That’s the magic of 3D printing and it’s all coming alive right here right now!

It’s a whole new dimension (literally) at your disposal and we are sure people from all walks of life will use it to create something they are passionate about and then give them away to those who cherish it equally. Well, we at Fracktal are here to power this revolution as it progresses, in our own little way to ensure, the world goes 3D!


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