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Discover the game-changing potential Additive Manufacturing can have in your industry.

Why now?

With changing consumer behaviours and trends, it is important for leadership to acknowledge the dynamism of the market and prepare for the new normal. This means shorter product launch timelines, the need for rapid innovation, and rethinking cost structures.

Digital manufacturing and data-driven decisions are going to change the manufacturing industry and we need to catch up!

Why does
it matter?

Speed of Innovation

Research and development divisions across industries have one common aim, which is to deliver as many results as possible in an extremely short timeline. Such aggressive deadlines deserve the best in class tools and processes. With rapid inexpensive prototyping and data-driven feedback, we can help you reimagine the entire ecosystem of innovation.

Agility of decisions

Quick decision making during the past crisis resulted in 95% higher profitability in the next normal. Bringing agility and just in time manufacturing techniques have significantly contributed to profitability to various multinational organisations. We can help you optimise your production floors.

Robust supply chains

Trends of digitization, Industry 4.0, and supply chain resilience is forcing companies to rethink their supply chain models. Companies need to increase their focus on local manufacturing, with the big game-changer would be to digitize their physical inventories and 3D Print on demand.

What can
you do ?

Discovering the game-changing potential of  3D printing across industries for manufacturing, tooling, supply-chain, design, and R&D can create new perspectives towards the core problems faced by the leadership.

Discovery Session


Introduction to all additive manufacturing technologies and their definitive use cases that have saved millions of dollars to the respective enterprises.


Rohit With Blur

Evaluation of technology implementation with your organization’s structure and goals in mind.



A concrete phase wise adoption plan of much needed technologies on to your factory floors and R&D laboratories.



Know more about how Cisco ThingQbator set up a rapid innovation engine inside their buzzing workspace and supported ideas that mattered when they mattered the most.

2 x

Faster development process


Core Box2

Learn more about how a Metal Casting manufacturer reimagined the fundamental pattern making process and achieved tremendous results winning them clients that mattered.


cost savings

Supply Chain

SLS crop

Read more about how TVS motors is turning their obsolete model inventory problem into an opportunity of winning their customers generational loyalty


Reduction in TAT

“One of the main applications they use 3D printing for is custom workpiece holders which mount on the machine conveyors.”


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Let us understand your problems and key metrics for success, and evaluate if 3D Printing is the right fit for accelerating your business. 

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