How to use Fractory 3D print now option?

Fractory 3D print now page is made with the sole intention of making 3D printing easy and accessible to everyone. Using the 3D print now option anyone with a CAD file in STL format can print their design and get it delivered sitting anywhere across the world where courier can be sent.

Note: Please make sure the wall thickness is above 1.2mm. Use the wall thickness inspection feature on the CAD software you use.

Ordering a part to be printed using 3D print now takes just a couple of minutes and 3 Steps.

1. Upload the file to be printed: The files can be in any of these formats, STL (bin, ASCII), OBJ (including texture support), STP, IGES (STP and IGES models get converted to STL), DXF (2D), SVG, EPS, PDF, ZIP.

Select the print process.

2. Select the material: You can choose the material of your choice. Different materials have different properties and applications. Select the appropriate material and click Next

Select your material.

3. Select the post-processing: We give various options for post-processing coatings. You can select the appropriate coatings and click add to cart.

Select your post process.
Add to cart.

4. Complete the payment: Click on cart icon on the upper right corner and click on checkout. Well, you have finished ordering your part. Yes, it’s as simple as this.

Click on cart button and checkout.

Mobile users can get their part printed using the website in mobile also. The steps will be same, with a slightly different webpage layout.

Please use the Contact us form if you have any doubts.