Unleash The Potential of 3D Printing

Elegance meets Power

Volterra brings together some of the most powerful features of thermoplastic 3D Printing in a neat, easy to understand and user friendly package that ensures you meet the most demanding of applications and ensuring your success.

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Printer Architecture

  • Sturdy Sheet-Metal Construction with Integrated Storage Solution for Material and Tools.
  • Heated Filament Chamber, compatible with 3KG Filament Spools.
  • Heated Build Envelope.
  • 7-inch capacitive touch HMI.
  • Industrial Safety: Integrated Emergency Stop, Tower Light, Switchgear & HEPA Filter.
  • IOT enabled Monitoring & Control
  • IMEX Retracting Tool Heads.
  • Replaceable & Interchangeable Tools.
  • Large Build Volume

Complete Freedom of Complexity

Volterra’s IMEX Retracting Nozzle System with Water Soluble Supports enable you to go beyond what is possible with 3D printing, allowing you to print extremely complex geometries.

Repeatable. Reliable. Flawless.

Industrial Kinematics with THK rails maximizes printing speed while maintaining incredible precision.  

Integrated Heated Filament Chamber

Moisture is the enemy while printing Industrial Thermoplastics, severely affecting printing performance.   

Volterra’s heated filament chamber keeps moisture out of Hygroscopic Materials like Polycarbonate, Nylon, PVA, BVOH, PEEK, ULTEM and PEAK.

Heated Build Chamber

The inclusion of an enclosed chamber heated by a 100W PTC heater ensures reliability when printing performance industrial thermoplastics.

Carbon Fiber Ready

Print strong rigid parts with Carbon Fiber infused Nylon 12 that can be used for Jigs, Fixtures and End-Use parts in Aerospace, Automotive and other Industries.

Nylon 12 CF Printed CMM Fixture

Nylon 12 CF Printed Drill Guide with Metal Inserts

Industrial Applications

Volterra is being used by a variety of industries in innovative ways, bringing immense value to customers. 

Built for the Factory of the Future

Integrating Volterra into your production workflow for jigs & fixtures, spare part production and even end-use parts can have monumental impact in cost and time saving. Find out how we can work with you to make this a reality. 


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