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We EMPower The Digital Manufacturing Revolution

Starting from humble beginnings, we have always questioned “What Next?”. The answers have taken us on a journey of experimentation and innovation over the last 11 years in the field of Digital Manufacturing.

Our Mission

Empower the sustainable development of humankind by leveraging the disruptive advantages of Digital Fabrication & 3D Printing.

Our Vision

High-quality affordable manufacturing within the reach of every individual.

Fracktal Works was founded in June of 2013 by two engineering students of Manipal Institute of Technology. They worked on building robots with the university robotics team, Robomanipal
In an effort to find high-quality manufacturing that would help them build powerful robotics systems affordably, they came across 3D Printing and used their background in robotics to build their first 3D Printer and subsequently founded a company bringing access to tools and technologies that help individuals and organizations build high-quality hardware products & solutions. 

The story of our Identity

The company name “Fracktal” is derived from Fractal which is a never-ending infinitely complex pattern that are typically a graphical representation of a recursive mathematical expression.

In fractals, we found the perfect analog for 3D printing: tangible geometric beauty generated from mathematical expressions. 
To an extent, we imbibe fractals in our own identity as a design-oriented firm that is deep-rooted in research and application of core scientific principles. 

Our logo is inspired by the works of  Swedish artist Oscar Reutersvärd, famous for his illustrations of impossible objects. The “FW” of the logo, on observation, is an impossible object as well when viewed together, however the two letters induidually are normal objects in 3D space, signifying “We make the Impossible happen”


(Above) A short documentary featuring Fracktal Works in a promotional video for MIT Manipal, where the company was born.

Vijay and Rohit Holding first generation Julia 3D Printers

Rohit Asil (left) and Vijay Raghav Varada (right) at their first laboratory at Manipal University Technology Business Incubator (MUTBI) carrying the first generation of Julia 3D Printers, 2013