Desktop 3d printer

Julia series of 3D Printers from Fracktal make 3D Printing easy to use without compromising on performance and features, making it one of the most versatile and value for money 3D Printers.

Flawless 3D Prints

Print up a 60 micon resolution with a 0.25mm nozzle.

Engineered for Performance and Reliability

Heated Build Platform

A heated platform that can reach up to 130°C ensures maximum reliability and performance while printing engineering grade materials like ABS, PC and Nylon.

Embedded Linux Inside

The brains of Julia is a full-blown 64 bit Linux Computer that controls and handles the Touchscreen, Embedded web server and everything else on the printer.

Sturdy Sheet Metal Construction

A complete sheet metal chassis with precision machined CNC parts ensures ultimate life and durability, making Julia a worthwhile long-term investment.

High Quality Swappable Nozzles

Original E3D Nozzles at the core of Julia, ensures maximum uptime, performance and reliability while being able to process a wide variety of materials.

60 μm

300 μm

Delivering Accuracy and Consistency

With a fully integrated system of hardware, software and materials, it’s the most reliable, innovative and easy to use 3D printer on the market. Additive manufacturing has never been more accessible.

Direct Drive Extruder

A Direct Drive extruder applies maximum pushing force to the
printing filament with accurate extrusion and retraction
response for best print quality.
This extruder is essential for printing Flexible Materials which
wouldn’t be possible without it.

Colour TouchScreen

A Full Colour Touchscreen gives you the best experience while using the printer. You can see the preview of the file being printed, and all important metrics right on the printer itself. 3D Printing has never been easier.

Lowest Cost Per
Unit Volume

When it comes to 3D Printing, Size Matters.

The Maximum Build Volume determines the biggest part you can make on your 3D printer. Julia offers the Lowest Cost/CC of any 3D printer in the same category, giving you the most value for your money.

Remote 3D Printing

Monitoring & Control

Connecting your 3D Printer over Wi-Fi and LAN enables you to execute, control and monitor your 3D Prints remotely, ensuring seamless management of a single, or a fleet of 3D Printers from any device, PC, Laptop or mobile phone on the go.

Using the inbuilt Webcam, you can not only view the progress of your prints but record and save time-lapse that can be shared on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram.

A Complete Solution

in a Compact Package.

Best in Class Specifications

Julia Classic

Julia Advanced

Julia Extended

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