Jewelry 3D printing applications

This article discusses how 3D printing is being used to produce high detail, custom jewelry through investment casting and direct metal printing.

Manufacturing redefined!

3D printing has revolutionised jewellery. By giving completely radical manufacturing possibility to jewellers and giving the consumers opportunity to get their choice of design with just press of a button!

Investment casting

Create castable parts in hours, cutting down on manual labor. 3D printing’s rapid print process, accuracy, and surface finish allow you to move directly from design to production. Our verified burnout schedule ensures clean burnout and smooth surfaces on every piece.

Digitally Design Pattern

3D Print Pattern

Prepare For Casting

Make Mold and Burn Out Printed Parts

Cast Pattern


Polish and Finish Jewelry

Fittings and consultation

3D priting can be used to print a design to check the fitting before producing the final part

Rubber Moulds for production casting

You can make master patterns for rubber molding with 3D printing for faster iteration and lower costs. Use the masters to create molds that produce waxes in quantity for investment casting. Standard Resins are perfect for cold molding (RTV) and High Temp Resin withstands the heat of vulcanizing natural rubber.