Preoperative Surgery Planning

Preoperative Surgery Planning 3D printing is increasingly used in medicine and allows for detailed planning of operations. This makes it possible to select the appropriate operating technique, discuss it in the team, and shorten the time of the procedure itself. Only the FDM technology gives the possibility to produce the anatomical models with a limited […]

3D Printing in the Railway Industry

3D Printing in the Rail Industry Over the last 12 months, many railway companies, including Deutsche Bahn, Bombardier and Angel Trains, have invested in 3D printing or have been ramping up their 3D printing capabilities. 3D printing is now an industrial-grade tool that rail transportation providers can and should be leveraging to secure their supplies […]

Jigs, Fixtures & Gauges

3D Printing Jigs, Fixtures and Gauges Jigs, custom-made tools  are a manufacturing staple and are used to guide and control the motion of another work piece during an operation, and fixtures, devices used to hold a piece in a fixed location during an industrial process, are used to produce products reliably and repeatedly.  With fast and near […]

3D Printing for End-Use Production Parts

3D Printing for Functional Part Manufacturing Additive manufacturing can be used in manufacturing end use parts that not only perform better for the use case but also do not require to be stocked as a physical spare in the warehouse. 3D Printed Production Part used on Auma’s induction Motor 3D printing has opened doors for […]