How 3D print now works

How to use Fractory 3D print now option? Fractory 3D print now page is made with the sole intention of making 3D printing easy and accessible to everyone. Using the 3D print now option anyone with a CAD file in STL format can print their design and get it delivered sitting anywhere across the world […]

Industries- Engineering

3D Printing assisted engineering Desktop 3D printing empowers engineers and product designers to rapidly prototype in-house, saving time and costs at every stage of product development. Innovative Engineering… Desktop 3D printing empowers engineers and product designers to rapidly prototype in-house, saving time and costs at every stage of product development. Integrating 3D printing into Engineering […]

Industries- Medical

Medical 3D printing industry 3D printing has many functions in a variety of industries, however, in the medical field it has few main applications. The most creative, versatile doctors are the ones who change the world, one patient at a time.  Medical field redefined! Every medical facility should have access to the latest tools to […]

Industries- Dental

3D printing industry and Dental Application Thanks to advances in  3D printing technologies, additive manufacturing is becoming a staple technology in the field of dentistry — both in dental practices via “chair-side” 3D printing and in off-site dental laboratories for more demanding print jobs. Printed with Fracktal Julia Pro Dentistry Evolved! Dental practices and laboratories […]

Industries- Manufacturing

Manufacturing 3D printing industry The art of manufacturing has been evolving since the beginning of industrial, and 3D printing is creating new possibilities which were never thought of! Manufacturing redefined! Companies across aerospace, automotive, defense, consumer goods, medical, and more are adopting digital manufacturing tools to take steps towards the promise of Industry 4.0. 3D […]

Industries- Entertainment

3D printing in Entertainment industry The complex entertainment props and makeup now simplified, Thanks to 3D printing! Your Digital Models Turned Into High-Definition Physical Reality Bring hyper-realistic digital models to life in a matter of hours, right on your desktop. 3D printing delivers incredible detail and seamless performance at an affordable price point. Sculpting Use […]

Industries- Jewellery

Jewelry 3D printing applications This article discusses how 3D printing is being used to produce high detail, custom jewelry through investment casting and direct metal printing. Manufacturing redefined! 3D printing has revolutionised jewellery. By giving completely radical manufacturing possibility to jewellers and giving the consumers opportunity to get their choice of design with just press […]

Manufacturing Industry

3D Printing in Manufacturing industry 3D Printing is revolutionizing the way products are manufactured. The impact of 3D printing resonates across multiple departments of manufacturing. Experts state that 3D printing will be the main contributing factor for the start of 4th Industrial revolution. The impact of  3D printing has made a impact on Tooling, Manufacturing […]

Aerospace Industry

3D Printing in Aerospace industry IntroductionThe Aerospace and Defense (A&D) industry is a great example of utilization Additive Manufacturing (AM) (commonly referred to as 3D Printing) with a clear value proposition and the ability to create parts that are stronger and lighter than parts made using traditional manufacturing. The A&D industry was a very early […]